Charity is an essential part of our company. Mrii Marii is not only a commercial project, but also an educational and charitable one. “We held a lot of events, master classes, meetings, we showed the regional diversity of ethnic dress using specific examples” – Maryna Senchilo explains the philosophy of the company. In addition, the masters with whom the art salon cooperates donate part of their work to charity. Each master can join the charity projects of Mrii Marii. We provide reporting on all charitable activities implemented.

In 2014, Mrii Marii held a charity auction of folk art from the best artists to raise funds for the needs of the Ukrainian army in partnership with the Ivan Honchar Museum National Center of Folk Culture.

In 2016, together with Valentina Klimenko, Mrii Marii organized the ethno-project “Ukrainian Symbols: Main Stereotypes and Taboos” – a series of lectures during which ethnographers, scientists and researchers of folk art told about the most common stereotypes regarding Ukrainian traditional culture.

In 2018, in partnership with the Sophia of Kyiv National Reserve, Mrii Marii organized a series of master classes of Ukrainian traditional crafts called The Circle of Craftsmen as part of the Knyazha Semya historical and cultural festival.

If you have any questions about charity – call us +38 (098) 014-81-74, we will be happy to help! Mrii Marii  are always open to communication!

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