Convenience and quality of service

The team of the online store Mrii Marii does everything to make it pleasant for you to choose the best Ukrainian handmade gifts.

Help in choosing gifts

Finding a gift for a foreigner is not easy sometimes. We are happy to help you with the choice according to your budget, according to diplomatic protocol and gift etiquette, based on our many years of experience. Ethnic handmade souvenirs from the host country are the best gift abroad. Our guests will certainly like the products of our craftsmen.

If necessary, we will collect gift sets of Ukrainian souvenirs for the delegation of guests. They can be the same for everyone or matched separately for men and women, or according to other criteria.

Choice of embroidered shirt and other traditional clothing

The gift should be a pleasant surprise. But how to choose clothes of the right size “in absentia”? Staff of Mrii Marii will consult you. This can be done with the help of your other clothes, or according to the measurements taken and, even from a photograph.

The choice of embroidery from the addressee’s native region could be a very special thing. Our workshop of traditional clothes will embroider any tracery from the Atlas of Ukrainian ornaments to order. Moreover, our craftsmen are able to reproduce antique clothing from a photograph or saved outfits. The revived embroidered shirt of grandfather is a truly unique Ukrainian gift for fans of folk art!

Delivery of goods for selection process

The final choice of a VIP gift from several options, especially a collegiate one, is more convenient to do at the customer’s site. Therefore, we can deliver things to your office for free.

Rent of clothes and accessories

We can provide for rent Ukrainian clothing, accessories and decorative elements for photo and video filming. The conditions and cost of rent are discussed personally by phone.

Packing of gifts

All our gifts are carefully packaged in bags and boxes made of ecological materials: cardboard, veneer and wood. Fragile items are packaged with bubble wrap. We also offer beautiful gift packing, and we can pack souvenirs in bags with your corporate symbols at your request.

We usually insure all goods for 100% of the value to guarantee the safety of funds when sent by post companies. More details – in the section Payment and Delivery.

Paintings on canvas are sent in a tube without a frame and a stretcher (if possible). The tube is free for paintings over 3000 UAH.

Please note: paintings are sold separately from the frame! We can additionally select and adjust the frame to your chosen canvas.

Export abroad

All Ukrainian handmade souvenirs from the collection of the Mrii Marii art salon can be exported abroad without any restrictions. This is confirmed by official documents, in particular, by the decree of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine N 258 dated 22.04.2002, which contains the List of souvenirs, objects of cultural and applied production […], for the export of which the permission of the State Control Service is not required.

In accordance with the decree, works of contemporary art, items of folk art crafts, souvenirs purchased in the trade network are freely exported. The receipt received in our store will prove the official purchase of the gift.

All paintings that are sold in our store were painted later than 1950 year, therefore they are also subject to free export. The age of the canvas is confirmed by the author’s signature and the date on it.

If you need help with choosing exclusive Ukrainian gifts, call us +38 (098) 014-81-74, we will be happy to help!

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