About Us


MriiMarii.com is an online store for the Mrii Marii art salon at Andriyivsky Uzviz. We offer handmade Ukrainian gifts that combine traditional techniques with modern trends in fashion and design, and copies of authentic items.

    Ukrainian gifts at Mrii Marii include a range of exclusive creations by well-known craftsmen and craftswomen. We do not sell mass market items, poor-quality replicas or prints.

   Authentic clothing, ceramic and glass home ware by Ukrainian artists, paintings by Ukrainian painters, and ethnography and folk art books make the core of our collection. Most of our items are exclusive and have no copies, therefore their value increases with time.

    We offer exclusive gifts for our foreign guests and VIP gifts for colleagues and partners that will express your aesthetic taste, respect and individual approach to the person. We have expertise in selecting sophisticated presents and will be happy to assist you in choosing one. If you need to buy an embroidered shirt as a surprise gift for a person, we will help you choose the right size and wrap the gift beautifully.

    Our store in Kyiv offers embroidered shirts made with traditional Ukrainian techniques and authentic ornaments. We have our own workshop to design and make Ukrainian clothing. Our handmade souvenirs come straight from the artists we work with.

   We follow our sense of style and harmony to select valuable handmade items. We go on expeditions around Ukraine to bring together authentic artists and those who treasure folk art, and to preserve traditional Ukrainian decorative and utilitarian art. All items in our store have the energy of the artists who made them.

    We change our collection on a regular basis. We offer individual service for every client coming to us in search of beautiful and useful things. Our payment and delivery service is convenient. We are always open to feedback.


    Call us at +38 (098) 014-81-74 to choose and buy exclusive Ukrainian souvenirs. We will be happy to help!

Kyiv, 30, Andriyivsky Uzviz. Mrii Marii