Our online store team will make sure that you shop for the best handmade Ukrainian gifts comfortably


Help in choosing gifts 

It is not always easy to find a gift for someone from another country. We will happily help you choose one based on your preferred price range, diplomatic protocol, gift-giving etiquette and our long-time experience. Authentic handmade souvenirs from any country you visit are the best gift to take with you, and your guests will certainly like the items made by our craftspeople.

We can arrange gift sets with Ukrainian souvenirs for delegations. They can be identical or customized to be given to men and women. 


Choosing an embroidered shirt and other traditional clothing 

Gifts are often intended to surprise. How do you choose the right size of a garment piece without having the future recipient try it on first? Our staff will consult you on how to do this based on the person's clothing (an embroidered shirt can be chosen using a normal shirt for size tips), measurements or a photograph. 

Choosing embroidery from a place of the recipient's birth will be a great bonus. Our authentic clothing workshop will make customized embroidery from the album of Ukrainian ornaments for you. Moreover, embroiderers will recreate an old piece from a photograph or a garment you have preserved. Recreating your grandfather's vyshyvanka, for instance, will make a unique gift for anyone interested in folk art. 

Delivery of options 

It is easier to choose a VIP gift, especially by a team of people, out of several options on the client's territory. Therefore, we can deliver the items to your office free of charge. 

Renting clothes and accessories 

We can rent out Ukrainian clothes, accessories and elements of interior for photo and videoshoots. Please call this number to discuss the terms and the price of the rent. 

Gift packaging 

We meticulously pack all our gifts in packaging and boxes made of environment-friendly materials, including cardboard, veneer and wood. Fragile items are additionally covered with bubble wrap. We also offer beautiful gift packaging, or we can put the souvenirs into the bags with your company's logo based on your preferences. 

We usually insure 100% of the item value when sending it out with delivery companies. Please go to Payment and Delivery section for more details. 

Paintings on canvas are sent in a tube without the frame and the canvas stretcher, if the painting technique allows for this type of delivery. The tube comes free of charge for the paintings worth over UAH 3,000. 

Please, note that paintings are sold separately from their frames. We can additionally choose and attach the frame to the painting of your choice.


Taking items abroad 

You can take any handmade Ukrainian souvenirs from Mrii Marii abroad without limitations. This is confirmed by official documents, including the Ministry of Culture's order № 258 dated April 22, 2002. It lists souvenir products, as well as cultural and items and pieces used in everyday life that can be taken abroad without an authorization from the State Control Service.

Under the order, contemporary art pieces, items by craftspeople and souvenirs purchased from a trade network can be taken abroad freely. The invoice from our store will prove that you have officially purchased the gift. 

All paintings sold at our store were painted after 1950, therefore they can be taken abroad freely as well. Confirming their age is the signature of the painter and the date on it. 

Please, call us at +38 (098) 014-81-74 if you need any help in choosing your exclusive Ukrainian gifts.